Miller Management Services, Inc. is a full service property management organization with solid, in-depth expertise.

That is why we are able to manage and operate many properties more economically and efficiently than owners/investors who function as their own managers.

Economic and efficient property management leads to enhanced property values and a healthier sales potential.

To accomplish this, Miller Management employs the best professionals in all areas of our organization and offers a diverse spectrum of services.


Miller Management offers complete computerized accounting and bookkeeping services, utilizing a state of the art computer system. You receive monthly reports on property operations, receipts and disbursements. In addition, project and association clients receive monthly comparisons of actual to budgeted expenditures and detailed annual budgets. Long range financial planning is also available. We will provide delinquency reports and past due notices, as well as a vast array of administrative aids such as owner and tenant lists, meeting notices, attendance reports and mailing labels.


Miller Management is a people-oriented company. Our offices are conveniently located to offer one-on-one individualized service and to facilitate easy access to our property managers. They are staffed with trained and supervised accounting and secretarial personnel to maintain accurate, up to date records and files on individual owners and properties. We are able to provide our experience and expertise in assisting with document compliance as well.


Qualified Miller Management property managers oversee all repairs, maintenance and capital expenditures, major or minor, as well as manage and supervise vendors and contractors for such services as lawn and pool maintenance, elevator maintenance, fire and building security systems, maintenance of mechanical systems, etc. They qualify and retain service vendors and subcontractors based upon the needs and requirements of each owner and each project. Most importantly, each Miller Management project receives frequent staff visits and inspections.